四川中法律师事务所概况Overview of Sichuan ZhongFa Law Firm


Sichuan ZhongFa Law Firm (hereafter referred to as “ZhongFa”) was founded in 1993, with a long history and extraordinary reputation, ZhongFa is one of the comparatively early large scale lay firms established after the founding of new China, equipped with powerful strength and specialization in corporation, standardization, institutionalization, branding and globalization management, ZhongFa has been an excellent comprehensive business law firm.


With over 20 years' development, ZhongFa Law Firm has a team of experienced practitioners, and has a first-class and excellent partnership educated to post-doctoral, doctoral, masters degree level or possessing overseas educational backgrounds at well-known universities and law schools, and all practicing as lawyers and/or expert consultants. Some members of the team graduated from well-known domestic or overseas universities and achieved doctoral degrees, some have been practicing law in well-known domestic organizations, some have been intellectual property senior legal executives in well-known listed companies, and some have long been engaged in legal research and teaching. ZhongFa is capable of providing legal services and integrated information services in various languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Tibetan and other languages.


The team members of ZhongFa including but not limited to:


Senior lawyer Mr. Kong Jianhui, who obtained a PhD from the Lisbon Industrial and Commercial University in Portugal, engaged in intellectual property and financial tax law teaching and research, and has been a senior partner and manager of several well-known law firms across the country;


Senior lawyer Mr. Gu Jinyan, who is a Doctor in Intellectual Property Law of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, holds a postdoctoral degree from China University of Political Science and is a visiting scholar at the Law University of Washington, specialized in European and American patent law, patent litigation, patent licensing, other areas of theoretical frontier research, and has experience of strategic management practice at Changhong Electric IPR;


Senior Partner lawyer Mr. Zhou Lin, holds a Master of Law degree of Peking University, and has served as Director of Intellectual Property of Haier, specializing in foreign-related intellectual property;


Senior Partner Ms. Xie Yi, holds a Master of Law degree of Peking University, and has abundant experience in international intellectual property and international commercial law;


Dr. Li Yi, holds a Doctor of Law degree from Japan Kanazawa University, and has long been engaged in antitrust and unfair competition law research and is a legal practice expert.


Ms. He Yi, was the senior partner of several well-known law firms in China.

四川中法律师事务所律师团队先后被成都市律师协会和成都市司法局评为“成都市优秀律师”和“成都市十佳律师”,部分律师被四川省国家税务局聘为“四川国家税务局行政复议专家委员会委员”,被四川大学聘为“四川大学医学伦理委员会委员”,担任成都市律师协会“医事专业委员会”和“税收专业委员会”委员或负责人 ,被四川省司法厅和四川省律师协会评为“四川省优秀律师”,被中国施工企业协会评为“全国工程建设优秀法律顾问”,被四川省律师协会评为“四川律师行业监督和惩戒先进个人”,被成都市律师协会聘为“成都市青年律师导师”,在四川省享有较高声誉,受到客户、政府主管部门和行业协会的高度评价。

ZhongFa team have been awarded as "Chengdu Outstanding Lawyers" and "Chengdu Top Ten Lawyers" by the Chengdu Lawyers Association and the Chengdu Bureau of Justice, part of the team members has been appointed by Sichuan State Taxation Bureau as a member of “the Expert Committee on Administrative Reconsideration of Sichuan State Taxation Bureau", appointed by Sichuan University as members or responsible persons of “the Medical Ethics Committee of Sichuan University", held a post in the Medical Professional Committee" and "Tax Professional Committee" of the Chengdu Lawyers Association, appointed by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice and the Sichuan Provincial Lawyers Association as "The excellent lawyer of Sichuan Province", appointed by the Chinese Construction Enterprise Association as the “Excellent Legal Adviser on National Construction Project ", appointed by the Sichuan Provincial Lawyers Association as the "Advanced Individual of Sichuan Lawyer Industry Supervision and Discipline ", appointed by the Chengdu City Lawyer Association as" Chengdu Youth Lawyer mentor ". ZhongFa team has a good reputation in Sichuan and has been recognized and high valued by clients, governments and the association etc.


ZhongFa has core competencies and comparative advantages in the fields of intellectual property rights, finance, taxation, corporate securities, construction and real estate, international commercial affairs, dispute resolution, criminal defense, litigation and arbitration etc. Through over 20 years development, ZhongFa has been recognized by a bunch of high-end clients such as some famous financing institutions, transnational enterprises, universities and colleges, scientific research institutions.


They include but not limited to:


The Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Chengdu, Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, HSBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Dongfang Electric Group, Hua Xia Bank, CITIC Bank, Nanchong Commercial Bank, Sichuan University West China Hospital, Chengdu Military Region General Hospital, Chengdu Research Institute of Electronics Science and Technology University, Southwest University for Nationalities, Japan Kobelco Construction Machinery, Chenggong Shares, Orient Asset Management Corporation, China Power Construction, Qingdao Lucent, China Resources Land, Yanlord Real Estate, Greenland Group, Sichuan Highway and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., Zhongke Information Technology Shares, Fusen-Noble House, Minshan Hotel Group, Comfort Inn 158 Hotel Chain, Sichuan Education Publishing House.


ZhongFa is located at No. 2505, 25th floor, block C, Maoye center, No. 28,north section of Tianfu Avenue, high tech Zone, Chengdu. It is located in the outskirts of the Third Ring Road of Chengdu, west of the Tianfu Avenue, seamlessly connected with the High-tech Station of the Chengdu Metro Line 1, adjacent to the Airport Expressway and the Chengdu First Ring Expressway entrance. ZhongFa has 1,000 square meters of comfortable, elegant and first-class legal office space, with the most advanced remote video conferencing and other modern office services and equipment. ZhongFa is able to provide customers with comprehensive, timely and effective legal services.


As a patron saint for high-end commercial clients' legal rights and interests, ZhongFa, from beginning to end, continuously abide by the core values of "honesty, professionalism and excellence" and strict legal professional ethical principles. ZhongFa focuses on resolving major legal issues, providing customers with the most needed creative solutions. ZhongFa is committed to provide high quality legal services to customers domestically and overseas, so as to become a high-profile legal service and eminent name in China, providing first class respective professional services and management performance, including but not limited to intellectual property, finance, tax, corporate lawyers.